Pete Rose Pleads For The Doors of Cooperstown To Be Open


Since 1989, what has been like a novel with the main protagonist being Pete Rose, continues to bring more drama in 2015.  This former player asked the new Commissioner, Rob Manfred, to give him an opportunity, while he is still alive, to see his name in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

 In what has been a novel that began in 1989, being the main protagonist of the cast Pete Rose. In 2015 this former player tried to bring up a chapter of that drama. Rose asked the new Commissioner, Rob Manfred, to give him an opportunity, while he is still alive, to see his name in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame.

In fact, at the beginning of the third week of March MLB announced that it had received a formal request by Pete Rose asking that their suspension of a lifetime be lifted, giving thus the opportunity to be considered by journalists by his accomplishments in the field and not by his adventures outside the boundaries of the same.

“I want to make sure I understand all the details of the Dowd report and the decision of the Commissioner [Bart] Giamatti and the agreement that was reached as thelast resort”, said Manfred after a meeting with the players of the Dodgers of Los Angeles in Arizona. “I want to hear what Pete has to say and I will make a decision once he has done so.”

When Rose accepted the sanctions imposed by MLB in August 1989, by the Commissioner on duty, Bart Giamatti, 10 years passed until he attempted different proceedings to be revoke it.  First, he tried with Commissioner Fay Vincent and then with Bud Selig. However, they never took into account the former player and manager pleads for the sanctions to be revoked.

Throughout these 26 years, Rose has taken other ways to convince Major League Baseball that he deserves another chance. Considering that in the first instance he always denied that he had nothing to do with betting when he was a player and manager. Then, he retracted himself by saying that he was involved betting, but never against his own team. In other words he has amended what he denied years ago. He even wrote a book, his own autobiography.

Pete Rose

All this drama created by no one else but himself through the years, was very painful. If we remember during the 1964-65 season he was playing in my country Venezuela with the Leones de Caracas. I saw him in the field and, as fan, I exchanged a few words when he entered the stadium. He was very attentive. His performance was exceptional; He hit .351 and was leading in runs with 41. In itself, he played as a rookie with a desire to play in the MLB. However, the truth was that he had already played two years and was the rookie of the year in the National League in 1963. It turned out to be, that during his stay in Venezuela, all the weekends used to go to the racetrack with a famous Venezuelan Jockey, showing signs of his passion for gambling.

There is no doubt that his record as a player in the Major Leagues are more than enough to have admitted him in his first year of eligibility, and probably with more than 90 percent of the votes. Rose has been one of the best batters in the history of the Major Leagues. He played from 1963 to 1988, holds the record for most hits (4,256), he holds major milestones throughout his career, he is the leading player with most played games (3,562) and more hits at bat (14.053), the majority with the Cincinnati Reds. It was nicknamed Charlie Hustle, and was characterized by his aggressive way of playing, and loving baseball.  In fact, his passions for the game got him in trouble more than once.

Many recall the Championship game series between the New York Mets in 1973 against the Cincinnati Reds, and the fight in second base with the short-stop of the Mets Bud Harrelson. Of course, he won the fight, like he did with many others when he played in the field. However, he lost unanimously this one with the Major Leagues due to his involvement in gambling.  All the evidence to condemn him was overwhelming and very obvious that he had no choice but to accept the decision of MLB in 1989.

The years have passed and today, once again, he is pleading, he is sorry for everything he did. All this after a sequence of evils that he had caused, by associating himself with a group of gamblers, ex-convicts, and scums among others. For this reason, he even went to prison in 1990 due to tax evasion.

Rose, you should give thanks to God for being born and living in an American nation where all have a second chance. However, everything has its limit; he does not have the right to be among players players who have maintained in their private lives and represent the best values that characterize an exemplary citizen.

Winning the restitution of the Commissioner could be the first step for Rose towards the Hall of Fame, something that we doubt. Even though it is not within the good principles of sport. In 1991, the Hall voted to make the banned players permanently ineligible for the list of nominees to the Hall of Fame. Today, Pete Rose, 73 years, seeks an exception for himself. We wonder, would the exception be by his numbers? This does not seem fair.  He is not the only one banned from the Hall of Fame, there are others who shined as much as he did, as well as executives, for violating rule 21 of baseball, which prohibits too be associated with legal or illegal betting. One of the most recent and mentioned case in history was that of the eight players from the Chicago White Sox that were sold to gamblers in the world series of 1919, among them “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, a player who ended with average of lifetime of .356, but that after the 1920 season was banished from baseball along with his seven colleagues. None of them has been allowed to enter the Hall of Fame. Why make an exception with Pete Rose, a compulsive liar, a man that we cannot believe even when is telling the truth.