Copa Airlines Signs Agreement For Two Years With MLB


Recently, an initiative to promote Latino businesses was approved. Copa Airlines took a transcendental step by signing a two year agreement with Major League Baseball and become the official airline for Latin America and Canada. In addition, this Panamanian company adopted a new slogan, “to bring together the continent in one single passion, it’s possible” which is precisely why this historic agreement was made possible with one of the world’s most powerful sports companies.

Copa Airlines is a Panamanian company that has had a gigantic progress in the world of Aeronautics, establishing itself among the most successful, punctual and listed companies in the industry. This great prestige, earned over the years, made possible this historic agreement, which was signed in the offices of Major League Baseball (MLB), attended by, and hosted by  Sarah Read, Coordinator and relations of MLB.

During the event’s  ceremony, several representatives from MLB attended, Dominick Balsamo, international Vice President of sponsorships and Marco Ocando, Director of marketing from Copa Airlines. The agreement includes that a Copa Airlines plane displayed the logos of the 30 teams, and in the tail of the MLB. The plane is a Boeing 737-800 Next Generation Cup, registration HP-1533 CMP.

“For Copa Airlines this is a huge and historic agreement that brings enormous opportunities for both companies, and makes us the first official airline of the MLB in Latin America” said Marco Ocando, director of Marketing for Copa Airlines, interviewed by after signing the agreement at the offices of MLB in Manhattan, New York.  A very colorful event, where the trophies of the World Series and the World Baseball Classic were displayed.

During the presentation, Dominick Balsamo, who is an American and MLB Executive, said in a perfect Spanish, that “he appreciates the importance of this agreement because it will allow them to connect with the 73 destinations that reach Copa Airlines in 30 countries in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.”

“This agreement subscribes within our baseball expansion plans to all the regions in the Americas and the Caribbean, and nobody could bring us better than an airline as Copa Airlines,” said Balsamo, who proposed the initial agreement for two years, but if it achieves the success that is expected, it might be expand it for more years.

During the press conference, it came to our mind that famous Neil Armstrong statement, the American astronaut who in 1969 became the first human in stepping on the Moon:

“One small step for man, its huge leap for mankind”

That was precisely what one can conclude in this historic signing in MLB, in its relations that MLB has had with different entities in Latin America.  This is the first time that a shipping company replaces its official icon to be displayed on the tail of its aircraft by another company, placing the prestigious and world famous logo MLB. An emblem that was created at the end of the 1970s, using the silhouette of the Hall of  Fame Harmon Killebrew, one of the greatest home-runners of all times.

“It’s so that you can see the dimension of this agreement for us. In addition,  with this signature we recognize the importance that has baseball in our regions”, said Ocando, adding that the agreement contains local and regional publicity campaigns, receiving significant support from other advertising brands in major broadcast events on television, including the All-Star Game, Divisional Series, the Championship League Series and World Series in 2015 and 2016.

Within the framework established by Copa Airlines, it is to make drawings of products having officially licensed by MLB, as well as travel promotions for customers who constantly use the airline services so that they can watch live games in different major league stadiums.