Jorge Posada Said A-Rod and Clemens Do Not Deserve the Hall of Fame


Jorge Posada, the former catcher of the New York Yankees, was invited recently to “CBS This Morning” to talk about his book, an autobiography entitled “The Journey Home: My Life in Pinstripes.” In the book, Posada describes a myriad of situations that took place while he was playing. Indeed, this has taken many by surprise, just to think that he has keep this in secret for years, a man of few words – almost nothing-. At the moment however he is making public all those things that occurred during his successful career in New York.

There is no doubt that the Puerto Rican player has been one of the greatest catchers in one of the most popular sport organizations. He played in a period of time in which he rubbed shoulders with a few selected group of players, mostly players that came from the same regions as himself. From 1996 to 2009 they won five World Series, losing two, in 2001 and 2003. He played in what we can consider the best period of time in the history of the Yankees.

In his book Posada expresses himself harshly about his former teammates, Roger Clemens and Alex Rodríguez. He emphasizes that they were dishonest. In fact, he believes that any player who has used banned substances for the purpose of improving performance should not be exalted to the Hall of Fame.

When Alex was approached regarding this matter, he refused to comment, and said: “I have nothing to say but good things about Jorge. I consider him a friend,” added Rodriguez. “Jorge always showed a great passion in every game and that’s good. This is what I mostly remember from the World Series won in 2009. I have only good memories.”

Posada’s statements were given during the promotion of his new book, and these have caused rage not only in New York but all over the media of the American nation. Many believe that it was an inappropriate act, considering that when he played with his former teammates he never cited any negative situation.

On the other part and continuing with the Alex saga, the multimillion-dollar baseball player seems not to show so much interest in the $6 million bond that belongs to him. A clause attached to his contract that he sign with the Yankees in 2007 gives him the right to receive this. In that clause it is stated that “whenever he becomes one of the best major league home runner, he should be paid $6 million in a span of 15 days.” Thus, on May 7th, A-Rod smashed and connected a home run to the right side of the field playing against the Orioles’ pitcher Chris Tillman, exceeding the record of the legendary Willie Mays, to achieve his 661st home run.

However, A-Rode current desire is not to litigate those $6-million, despite being in his right. In the meantime, the Major League Baseball Players Association is preparing to file a complaint against the Yankees for A-Rod.

“We are prepared to do what we have to do,” said Greg Bouris, a spokesman for the Union. This is in response towards the warning made against the Yankees. In a statement given by general manager Brian Cashman, he ensures that the bonds were called “marketing agreements,” which meant that the Yankees were going to pay A-Rod for the right to promote such milestones. Of course, when this agreement was made in 2007, the baseball player was a superstar, until everything exploded. In 2008, A-Rod admitted that he had used unconsciously “PED for three years, from 2001 to 2003.” In addition, he was suspended during the 2014 season. From there on, everything changed, and this is why the Yankees have upheld their position on this matter, and this is why the MLB Players Union prepares to file a complaint with the Organization for one of its top members.