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NAHP announces Executive Director

— NAHP Inc. signed a contract that extends its business relationship with Treviño Consulting Group and J. Michael Treviño —

WASHINGTON, DC – January 18, 2021 – (LATINX NEWSWIRE) - TCG’s full-service role as ‘Executive Director and Chief Administrator’ will enable NAHP Inc. to manage the day-to-day administration of the professional membership organization’s business through one point of contact for grant writing and administration, coordination of internal and external communications, and event management. Treviño and the TCG Team will work with the Board to prioritize strategies, pursue funding opportunities from corporations, foundations, and other funding sources. While the Board is made up of volun­­teers they will have administrative support from the TCG. The overall goal is to enhance NAHP’s image and reputation as a valued partner and trusted fiscal agent on behalf of its members.

“I look forward to our continued work with the TCG Team. The services they provide in administration and management of internal and external communications, grant writing and stewardship, development and project management will enable NAHP Inc. and our member publishers to continue to build capacity and sustainability,” stated Fanny Miller, President of NAHP Inc. and CEO & President of Latina & Associates, Inc., Publisher of El Latino - San Diego.

“The business environment is challenging but especially for those publishers who seek to adapt their business model by adopting new technologies. TCG will help us identify new revenue sources to expand our reach into the communities we serve. We recognize that many in our communities are the essential workers we all depend on and, as publishers, we continuously challenge ourselves to increase and improve the delivery and access to vital information through our products.” stated Ms. Miller

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