New York Yankees Commemorating Alex Rodriguez’s 3,000th Hit with September Ceremony


Despite everything that has transpired between the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez due to his alleged steroid use, there still is a lot of love between the two parties. That has never been more obvious than recently with the Yankees’ announcement of a special celebration commemorating Rodriguez’s 3,000th career hit. Scheduled to be held just prior to the Yankees’ game against the Toronto Blue Jays on September 13, 2015, the ceremony comes nearly three months after the hit, which took place on June 19 against the Detroit Tigers.

The frosty relationship between the two parties has warmed up this season, perhaps thanks to Rodriguez’s production at the plate. “You only worry about that stuff when it declares itself as not viable. He’s certainly showed no indications so far this year that that is not the case. We entered the whole winter prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. And we’ve been getting the best from him, which we’re thankful for,” said Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman about Rodriguez’s return to the team.

Yankees Manager Joe Girardi also had his two cents to add: “All relationships are going to have rocky moments and you like to see things get righted and repaired. I think both sides have made a lot of gestures to do that, so I think it’s a good thing.”

[via New York Times]