Pedro Martinez Joins the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown


An entire nation was officially curfew to hear what we already knew,” Pedro Martinez inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown,” whose announcement was heard around the world.

Days earlier, the survey Dominican Republic gave 100% Peter to enter his first year (they are 10 years of eligibility) . While in the United States it varied on one occasion gave 65%. This obviously caused anger, uncertainty or discomfort in certain sectors of the community , but in reality was only a poll. However, as of Monday, a day before the “official election,” more votes were it coming in the popular vote , this time rose to 84% (75% is required to enter) . But better , of the first 100 journalists officially voted, and 98% did so for the Dominican. That was the first stage of what has been a year of joy for the entire Dominican Republic and Latin America.

Official Exaltation! On July 26th, Pedro was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. A record crowd of Dominicans were present at the regal celebration of their dearest son. Pedro corresponded receive your plate in the third, but for an obvious tactic Hall of Fame, the protocol was changed and put him in fourth and last in succession to receive his badge legalizing it as another member of the holiest shrine and prestigious baseball.

“Hello, hello my people,” said an excited Pedro Martinez before starting his speech that lasted 39 minutes, in English and Spanish, where he said that he was informed of his election “Epiphany” in his country. It occurred precisely at the time of “Father’s Day” in the Dominican Republic. In his acceptance speech as a new member to the Hall of Fame, he took the opportunity to thank everybody who made his career so successful, including Rafael Avila, the person who drafted him; Eleodoro Arias, his pitching coach; his brother Ramon, Elvio Jimenez, Felipe Alou, and Tommy Harper, who trusted him when he arrived in Montreal; and Dan Duquette, among others. He also congratulated his colleagues who were inducted on the same day: Randy Johnson, Craig Biggio, and John Smoltz.

Transmission! The event was broadcast live to the Quisqueyana Island as the crowd shook with joy to hear the words of “Pedro the Great.” Manoguayabo’s son had reached the top of the world, and came on his own merits. His perseverance led him to the Hall of Fame and won in the era of the “cheaters,” steroid addicts, and other substances to improve performance. Pedro had a clean race and shined, garnering 219 wins, with only 100 losses, and recorded an impressive 2.93 ERA. In 2,827.1 innings, he had 3,154 strikeouts, leaving in 13th place all-time. This was one of the main reasons that emphasized the quality of the Dominican. In the era of “steroids,” he had the best ERA among pitchers: 2.93. In 1999, he recorded a WHIP of 0.73, a record in the history of baseball.

Thank God! Peter said, “God has used me as a bridge to much happiness.” Among other things, he revealed that he did not want to be seen as the winner of awards, he wanted to work heavily to bring together good targets and be “better citizens, better parents, better families.” In the end, being the last to close the ceremony, he took the opportunity to do something unprecedented at “breaking protocol” and called Juan Marichal, sitting a few rows back in the box of honor alongside other members of the Hall of Fame, to accompany him on the podium with the flag of the Dominican Republic.