Yankees Confirmed That They Will Not Pay Bonuses to Alex Rodriguez


In what has become another chapter in the novel “A-Rod-Yankees”, this seems to be another battle in which Slugger will need to have patience to see if he can really win this match.

Yankees reiterated their position (or refusal), that they will not pay the bonds set forth in the contract of Alex Rodríguez, where it says in one of the clauses “Once exceeding the best four sluggers in MLB”, beginning by Willie Mays 660, Babe Ruth 714 and Hank Aaron 755 and Barry Bonds 762, they must pay him $6 – million whenever he surpasses one of them.

Brian Cashman, the Yankees general manager said that the team had the right to pay, but not the obligation to do so.  A small detail, particularly when using that type of wording;  it becomes very interesting considering that Alex’s  contract, as we aim to emphasize is “stipulated with a six million dollars bonus after reaching every historical record of home runs”. In other words, that it is a legal agreement, but the Yankees said that due to the doping suspension, they have the right not to pay that amount whenever he exceeds each of those historic home run records. The reason, according to the Yankees is because he has lost his commercial appeal.

On Friday May 1, the Yankees went to Fenway Park to play a series of three games against their archrivals. In the eighth inning A-Rod is called to bat emerging for Garrett Jones, and in the fourth pitch, he connects a 660 homerun to tie the legendary Willie Mays, who currently holds the fourth place of all time. It was not only a historical moment due to the fact that he joined the great Mays, but also, it was his first slam as an emerging batter.

“The most exciting thing for me was to have connected it in front of a belligerent fans in the Park.”  They boo me in each pitch”. True, pitcher Junichi Tazawa made four releases, the first three were balls, the fourth one, a line in the center that A-Rod smashed and sent it above the Green Monster. A monumental slam since it was a ferocious line. “But the most important thing for me was that I was able to put the Yankees up and finally win the game,” said A-Rod.

Indeed, he came in during the game when the game tied at two, and for the first time in his career as an emerging batter, he hits a home run. All these accomplishments have been very emotional for the baseball player, taking into account his suspension of one year, his age, and the fact that now, presumably, he has to do his job without any help other  than was is permitted. Sad to say this, but unfortunately that has been part of his career, in fact, that why he was suspended for a year.

Then, on May 7 at the Yankee Stadium, Alex against Chris Tillman of the Orioles, scored a home run, sending the ball into the right side of the stadium, exceeding the legendary Mays, and in position of receiving the $6 M agreed in his contract.

Despite that “Comeback” the experts on the matter, lawyers and examiners, ensure that he will not be seeing any money, after spending all last season inactive. According to the Yankees, they cannot pay him what was stipulated, claiming that everything he did forced MLB to suspend him and this meant a violation of his contract.

“We will abide by the contract as we do with all. If we choose to pursue something, then we will do it. If we decide not to do so, it is our right. “In both cases, we will fullfil the contract, but without bonds”, Brian Cashman reiterated.

We asked Alex about the possibility of fighting for his rights on the basis of what contract says, What will you do?

His response was to simply ignore it, in the sense that, this is not a baseball issue but a legal matter. Therefore, he didn’t talk about the issue in public. On the other hand, the Players Union said it will support the player in the event that he wishes to appeal the decision of the team.

“The Union is prepared to intervene in favor of Alex,” informed to Latinobaseball.com the Union’s spoke person, Greg Bouris.

The contract says that “once Alex exceeds one of the four best home runners in history, 15 days after, he should receive his $6 – million bonus”. Otherwise, after this period of time, he can file an appeal, which surely be managed by the referee Frederic Horowitz, who already ruled against A-Rod in the case of doping.

On the other hand, Cashman said that there aren’t any issues between the franchise and the player and thus there should not be any conflict.

Cashman’s opinion is on behalf of the Yankees, while A-Rod’s position should differ, even though, he does not want to talk about it now. During his year of suspension, he sued the Yankees for something he considered unjust. In fact, this issue of home runs becomes clearer since the clause in his contract states that “payment of bonds due to historic home runs.” We will continue covering this issue even though it seems like it will never end.