Yankees Retired Bernie Williams’ Number 51


We finally did justice! On the night of May 24, 2015 at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees retired Bernie Williams’ number. And we mentioned that for years there had been delays to honor Bernie, one of the important pillars in the success of the team since 1996. In fact, they had several years of glory by winning four World Series.

Bernie and the others who formed the constellation of stars, the vast majority of the farm product, revived the memorable years of the Yankees, an organization that had not won a World Series for a period of 16 years, from 1979-1995. Yes, the last was in 1978 when they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers. Years passed, and in 1996 in a classic autumn to remember, the Yankees rallied as good. They lost at home the first two games against the Atlanta Braves, but then won four games in a row to win the World Series. Well, there was Bernie Williams. Remember that to win the right to go to the classic of classics, the Puerto Rican was the stronghold in the ALCS against the Baltimore Orioles, credited MVP trophy. He hit two homers, drove in 6 runs and hit .474. Earlier in the Division Series that year, Bernie was the most prominent (NOT award is given to that event), but it was the best of all three homers, five RBIs and hit .467.

So in 1996 he started the new Yankee Dynasty and Puerto Rican flavor. Manager Joe Torre called Bernie as one of their top players to win those World Series 1996 , 1998, 1999 and 2000. Also, although the results were adverse , had good performances in 2001 and 2003 that the Yankees fell against Arizona Diamondbacks and Florida Marlins (now Miami) respectively.

Bernie was a five- time All-Star and won four Gold Gloves times . In 16 seasons he finished his career with a .297 batting average , 287 homers with 1,257 RBIs. Also in 1998 he was leading .339 batting average . In the Puerto Rican Horse twice hit more than 200 hits ( 202 in 1999 and 204 in 2002.

Finally he came the day, perhaps with some late, but never too late when joy arrives. Bernie Williams stood in front of the mound , surrounded by Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera , Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada, all properly dressed in smart suits and not the traditional uniform of blue stripes. The five legendary players showed up together for the audience that cheered delight for years and remember those great moments , this being the first time for years that they were all together before their fans , this in a ceremony honoring first a Latino . Yes, this is the first of our that he withdraws his number in the most famous sports franchise.

“I miss the sport and would like to continue playing,” said Bernie, who last played in 2006.

The Puerto Rican unveiled the sign with the number 51 in the park, during a special ceremony prior to the Yankees v. Rangers game of Texas. The ceremony also marked the first public appearance of Jeter in the stadium since retiring last year.

“It seemed we returned in time to when we played ,” said Bernie . “Psychologically , it all seemed like yesterday when we were playing. ”

Along with Williams and Jeter , Posada Puerto Rican , Panamanian Rivera and Pettitte won the World Series four times in the period from 1996 to 2000. After the retirement of Williams , the rest of those present once again won the World Series in 2009 . the expelotero , who is 46 , played 16 seasons in the majors , always with the Yankees. “It’s amazing,” said Williams. ” Never in my wildest dreams would have thought a skinny 17 year old and born in Puerto Rico guy be here today in this celebration. I am overwhelmed.”

Williams looking like jazz graduate of the Manhattan School of Music , and as artistic credential is credited with a Grammy nomination , this in recognition of his great qualities of guitarist.

The event took place with a special gala worthy for one of the best Latin ambassadors in the majors. Bernie was not only a great player but a great gentleman , in addition to master English and their native language, Spanish perfectly. At the end of the ceremony, Bernie went to the mound for the ceremonial first pitch of the game.

We note that the number 51 is the 18th to retire the Yankees in history, and the number will increase this year , as they are in line number 20 Jorge Posada to August 22 , and the next day will be the turn 46 Andy Pettitte.

Congratulations to the Yankees for this deserved gesture to Bernie Williams, a being who gave so much glory to the team not only in the field, but as a true representative of the most successful organization in the beautiful game of baseball.