Yogi Berra: One of the Greatest Baseball Players


On September 22, 2015, one of the greatest baseball players, Yogi Berra, left us. The legendary player ended his pilgrimage this world leaving a very extensive legacy, within them his famous phrases, creating a new word in the English language, the “Yogi-isms.” One of them reads, “This is not finished, but when it ends.” Therefore all ended for the excellent former receiver and member of the Hall of Fame of the MLB. He died of natural causes on Tuesday night at his home in New Jersey at the age of 90.

The news hit all his followers, despite his age. His departure information informed the director of the Yogi Berra Museum, Dave Kaplan, who was in charge of disseminating the statement from the family of Yogi. “But mourn the loss of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, know that he is at peace with Mom,” said the family of Berra. “We celebrate their path in life, and thanks for that will mean much for many people. You will really be missed.”

He will be missed very much, especially by the ones who had the honor of knowing him, both he and his wife Carmen, who passed away in 2014. I in particular used to joke with him, and one of the things I admired most of his person was his humility. We’re talking about a baseball star, he had the joy of participating in 14 World Series, which the Yankees won 10. Itself, it is the only one in history who has enjoyed 10 rings. Remember that when the Yankees won in 2009, someone told him that Captain Derek Jeter already had five rings. Berra, known by both his linguistic confusion and his record excellent career, replied: “Well, only has half of which they harvested.” Those 10 World Series titles and other achievements with the Yankees, they made him a true icon not only of baseball but of all professional sports in the United States.

One of the admirable things about Yogi, was that it played a major position as it is the reception office, considering that he was a man of small stature, he was 5-feet, 8-inches (1.72 cm), but with everything and that knew very well block the plate, old-style, when the players used to get foot to try to topple him the ball to the catcher. Also, sweep with the body, but even so Yogi was a wall and carried out the out. Played 18 years with the Bronx bombers, and in that way won three most valuable player awards of the American League, 1951, 54 and 1955. Berra played more games than any other Major League Baseball World Series. In 1956 it was bliss for the “Perfect” from Don Larsen game, and everyone will remember that occur out 27, Berra was running to the mound to congratulate their colleague. It gave a jump and it climbed him Larsen, like a child who receives his father’s joy. It was something memorable.

The story of Yogi has been one the most extensive in the world of sport, enjoyed the game, and even made that rivals enjoyed equally. We remember the amount of anecdotes that we our compatriot was Chico Carrasquel, who in the early 50s was the best shortstop in the Major Leagues. When New York played against the Chicago White Sox, he used to go to the famous Copa Cabana. Yogi and several Yankees players also did. There were, everyone in your bar. The next day when boy was going to bat, Yogi said, “Oh, but that cute mulata with who I danced with last night.” Not only that, but putting him a pebble in the shoe. All jokes are. Therefore, that Yogi has won the affection and respect of teammates and opponents. He could play baseball and made it to the perfection.

Yogi started with the Yankees in 1949 and was as active player until 1963, i.e. he played with cream innate of the bombers in this triumphant era. Among them in the Hall of Fame: Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford and Phil Rizzuto. As other stars as Billy Martin, Elston Howard, Roger Maris, Bobby Richardson and Tony Kubek. Among Latinos were the Panamanian Héctor López and Puerto Rican Tite Brook. In 1964, Yogi was responsible for the reins of the Yankees replacing Ralph Houk that became the general manager of the team. The year was successful as a leader, came to the world series, only to lose in seven games to the St. Louis Cardinals and the excellent pitcher Bob Gibson, who won two epic games and took the prize of the valued more than the World Series.

The history of Yogi Berra cannot be count in an edition, but in many since it is very extensive, as well as his famous sayings, natural occurrences that went out you in the process of responding to a question. Here we cite one of the famous ones:

  • One can observe many things only look.
  • Never answer an anonymous letter.
  • The future is not what it used to be.
  • I always thought that record would remain until someone breaks it.
  • Baseball is 90% mental, the other part is physical.
  • Always go to the funeral of others, otherwise they will not come to yours.

And so many who did laugh a whole generation. That is part of the legacy that left us Yogi. In addition to other memories that will see it in the Yogi Berra Museum in New Jersey. This place also you took one sentence. “I live in my home in New Jersey with my wife Carmen, but I also have my Museum where I can see my memories.”

Yogi, you weren’t, but we left a myriad of memories. You will remember forever. This is not finished, but when it ends… You’ll live with us forever. Amen.