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Robert Dominguez is co-author of “Bronx Bummers: The Unofficial History of the New York Yankees’ Bad Boys, Blunders and Brawls,” and writer of the upcoming “El Salón: The Trials and Triumphs of Baseball’s Latino Hall of Famers.” rdominguez@latinobaseball.com

THIS DAY IN BÉISBOL August 30: Edgardo Alfonzo’s 6-for-6, 3-HR, 5 RBI, 6-run game

It’s easy to be overlooked when you’re a middle infielder on a playoff-bound team that boasts future Hall of Famers Mike Piazza and Rickey Henderson and all-stars John Olerud and Robin Ventura.  But if Met fans didn’t fully appreciate the type of all-round player they had in Edgardo Alfonzo, they undoubtedly did on this day

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THIS DAY IN BÉISBOL August 29: Battle of the Brothers pits Ramon and Pedro Martinez in classic pitcher’s duel

Pedro Martinez has often said how much he loves and admires his older sibling Ramon Martinez, an outstanding pitcher who broke into the Majors three years ahead of Pedro and helped set the stage for his Hall of fame career. But on this day in béisbol, Aug. 29, 1996, Pedro was desperate to see his

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THIS DAY IN BÉISBOL August 28: Jose Reyes, 20, is youngest player ever to homer from both sides of the plate

David Wright may have been the face of the New York Mets in the 2000s, but  — the dynamic, Dominican-born shortstop with blazing speed — was the team’s heart. On this day in béisbol, Aug. 28, 2003, the switch-hitting rookie, just 20 years old, proved he had some pop in his toolbox, too. He became

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THIS DAY IN BÉISBOL August 20: Dave Concepcion, age 40, steals home in Reds win

Great teams don’t win without great shortstops, and the Big Red Machine of the 1970s — perennial postseason contenders and back-to-back world champs in 1975 and ’76 — don’t win without shortstop Dave Concepcion.  The Venezuelan defensive whiz was the backbone of the Cincinnati steamroller that has seen three players (Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and

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